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Shop Web Services

Domain Name: Website address search, acquisition guidance and DNS setup with your host.

Web Host: Personal account setup and management, including cPanel or equivalent.

Platform: Installation, setup and configuration of the website base.

Theme: Installation, configuration and complete setup of your choice of a premium theme. Includes instructional overview.

Plugin / Widget: Installation, configuration and testing of a software add on to improve website functionality.

Form: Design, layout and customization of an interactive web form.

Security: Software installation and configuration of a complete website security system.

Sitemap: Creation, account setup and submission to Google and Bing.

Image Gallery: Creation, design, layout – up to 8 images.  Images edited, resized, optimized and improved for optimal display.

Image / Video Gallery Slider: Design, installation and setup, including up to 8 images.  Images edited, resized, optimized and improved for optimal display.

Parallax Scrolling: Image overlap scrolling feature. Per image or section.

Social Media Integration: Plugin, icon, link – per media account.

Additional Page: Screen format, sections and rows, padding and margins, headings. Includes 3 sections and up to 1200 words of written content (provided by client).

Written Content Insertion: Per 600 words (provided by client).

Image/Graphic Insertion: Each – resized, edited and optimized.

SEO Configuration: Plugin/software installation, setup and application.

SEO Page Data Entry: Keyword optimized page data, copy supplied by client. Up to 1200 words.

SEO Bulk Data Entry: Keyword optimized page data, copy supplied by client; Up to 10 pages, 1200 words per page.

Image/Graphic Optimization: Image or graphic editing to improve color, clarity and tone. 

Image/Graphic Editing: Custom editing including layout design, cropping and resizing for specific formats.

CSS Customization: Style sheet coding – per hour.

Page Section Customization: Redesign or improvements to the header, footer, sidebar, body sections, body components, etc. Per each.

Hand Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, PHP – per hour.

Social Media Account: Account creation, setup, styling, website integration.

Social Media Cover Page: With photo/avatar, primary info, profile, page styling, website integration.

Consultation Meeting: Available topics: All website, web graphics and print design, marketing, project management, small business startup and management, education and educational leadership.

Brand Strategy: Research, analysis and focused discussion(s) re: your business or personal objectives and style. Includes strategy worksheet and creative brief. Up to 3 hours.

Market Research: Research/analysis report. In depth joint review of your business market resulting in focused plan of action. Up to 4 hours.

Marketing Plan: Research, analysis, strategy and complete actionable report included. Up to 5 hours.