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Service (Subscription) Plans


We offer 4 monthly and annual subscription service options available for purchase at this time.

Two of them are designed for website maintenance, which includes ongoing upkeep, upgrades, security monitoring and more.

The third option offers services to maintain and update your social media accounts, and the fourth provides hosting for your website.

These are one-year subscription plans that begin on the date of enrollment and continue for 12 consecutive months (except monthly hosting). There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30.00 and a small monthly processing fee.

When you become an ongoing New Domain Design client, we are always ready and willing to consult with you about almost any online need or question that you have!

Website Maintenance

There are a number of elements in a website that require attention on a regular basis in order to ensure optimal performance.  In addition, web technology is continually advancing and in order to remain current, upgrades and changes are often needed.

For information about the tasks required to maintain and protect your website, we have written a detailed guide to help you.  You may download this guide for free by entering your email then clicking the button below.

Otherwise, we can do it all for you.  New Domain Design offers a choice of 2 monthly maintenance plans that provide thorough attention to the items listed in our guide and more. We inspect all phases of operation, maintain and upgrade all site and security software as needed, and provide an effective remedy for any issue found.  For more information click here.

Weekly visual and automated scans
Monthly Report (Updates, Analytics, Scans, Performance, Uptime, SEO and Backups)
Updates – framework, theme, plugins
Hosting uptime monitoring
Broken link monitoring & repair
Email form testing & repair
Site security administration / monitoring / repair
Social media integration monitoring / repair
Any formatting corrections
New pages (max 6 per term), copy / image uploads & formatting
Host server administration
Twice monthly site backup
Email & phone support – 3x/month
Additional work – $20/hour (50% discount)

Twice monthly visual scan
Google Analytics monitoring
Updates – framework, theme, plugins
Hosting uptime monitoring
Broken link monitoring
Email form testing
Host server administration
Site security monitoring
Social media integration monitoring
Minor formatting corrections
New copy / image uploads
Monthly site backup
Email & phone support – 2x/month
Additional work – $30/hour (25% discount)


With this service, we will monitor, update and help you maintain an attractive, clean, relevant and compelling social media webpage/account.  This is a month-to-month plan with no annual commitment.

Monitor posts
Add new posts or updates
Provide advice
Task management
Updates to layout as needed
Media updates
Spam and malicious post monitoring
Other tasks as agreed


We will host your website on servers available within New Domain Design’s primary hosting account.  You can choose a monthly plan for $15/month, or a prepaid annual plan that equals $10/month for 12 months.

Yearly or monthly plans
Yearly plan @ $10/month, one payment of $120
Monthly plan @ $15/month, plus a one-time fee of $30
Plans hosted on a shared server
2 GB of data
Managed by New Domain Design’s private hosting account