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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance


There are a number of elements in a website that require attention on a regular basis in order to ensure optimal performance.  In addition, web technology is continually advancing and in order to remain current, upgrades and changes are often needed.

Because of the enormous amount and complexity of activity online, there are many threats and new issues that arise affecting a website’s stability.  These problems can have serious consequences, and they require immediate evaluation, correction and permanent elimination.

For information about the tasks required to maintain and protect your website, we have written a detailed guide to help you.  You may download this guide for free by entering your email then clicking the button below.

Website Maintenance

If you don’t have the time or would rather not be bothered, we can do it for you. New Domain Design offers a choice of 2 monthly maintenance plans that provide thorough attention to these items and more. Depending on the plan you choose, we perform a weekly visual scan of your website and tend to all theme and plugin updates right away.  We inspect all phases of operation and provide an effective remedy for any issue found.


These are one-year subscription plans that begin on the date of enrollment and continue for 12 consecutive months.
There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30.00. 


The following list contains examples of some the needs addressed and optional services performed, depending on the plan you choose.  We do whatever it takes to maintain the efficient, effective and user-friendly operation of your website.

  • Content changes, updates and additions, including new pages
  • Image modifications and additions
  • New file/product links
  • New feature installation (i.e. blog, marketing, video, audio, etc.)
  • Updates: theme, plugins, add-ons, short-codes, etc.
  • Hosting uptime and broken link monitoring
  • Email form testing
  • Code corrections (bugs)
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Backup services or tools
  • Script updates and database upgrades
  • Simple video editing, uploads and file conversions
  • Server administration
  • Social media management and integration
  • Ongoing SEO to increase Google ranking

With a website maintenance plan subscription, you will receive priority attention to any and all requests for website changes, additions or improvements.  We maintain memberships in a number of web technology organizations and receive information about industry trends and developments on a daily basis.  As a former public school and university educator, the owner places a high value on learning and professional growth and he is constantly seeking new knowledge and improving his web development and digital design skills.

Finally, attention to your website will generate new ideas and applications to maintain and improve the highest level of performance.  We will never press you to implement our suggestions, but we have a professional responsibility to make you aware of everything we learn that may benefit you as a client.

Website Maintenance