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Shop Graphic Design

Favicon Design: Custom design of a small, iconic image that represents your website and is consistent with your branding, identity and logo. Often used in browser tabs.

Stock Logo Design: Logo designed using stock images, fonts and graphics or templates. Customization is not included.

Basic Logo Design: Logo designed using stock images, fonts and graphics with some minor customization included.

Custom Logo Design: Full custom logo design including consultation, research and 2 revisions, resulting in exclusive brand identity.

Avatar Design: Unique design of a graphic image used to represent you on the internet. An example of an avatar is an iconic image you use to represent yourself in an internet forum.

Profile Page Design: Incorporation of identity elements in the design and layout of a page for social media or other forum. 

Portfolio Page Design: Custom layout and design of web page(s) that showcase examples of work.

Identity Plan: Coordination of identity elements, including logo, colors, fonts, icons, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, websites, packaging, social media, email blasts, signage, and messaging.

Banner: Custom design of a banner advertisement that can be used on your website or any digital medium.

Custom Header Design: Unique design of your website header.

Social Media Page Design: Design of the main page of your social media site, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Web Page Design: Complete layout and design of 1 website page, including text, images, audio, video and more.

Web Ad Design: Complete custom design of a web advertisement promoting any service, feature or function of your business.

Custom Icon Design: Custom design of an icon unique to your purpose, product, service or feature.

Custom Form Design: Design of a form to capture information needed from your clients or associates.

Custom Gallery Page: Layout and design of a gallery page, including products, work, images or other gallery elements.

Simple Web Graphic: Design of a simple web graphic, such as an element with one solid color. 

Complex Web Graphic: Design of a web graphic including multiple colors, gradients, custom design and more.

PowerPoint Template: Creation of a custom PowerPoint template for your personal or business use. The template can be used as is or edited to include new information.

Email Template Design: Custom design of an email template that features your branding, header, description, message and more. It can be used and edited for various purposes.

E-Book Cover Design: Detailed design of the cover of a book or other publication.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK): Electronic Press Kit designed for online publication.  EPKs are used by musicians and others to get gigs, work with agencies, seek recording label deals, etc.

PDF Formatting: Creation of a custom PDF including design and formatting. Can be edited and updated by the owner.

Concept Development: Consultation, discussion, brainstorming and specific plan development of your ideas into tangible and actionable data.

Photo Editing: Optimization and improvement of an photographic or other image.

Illustration: Custom creation of an illustration that portrays your idea(s).