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Our Graphic Design Process

Process Phases

Graphic Design Process

Many designers today offer their customers only a choice of prefabricated designs and templates at cut-rate prices.  This is not a graphic design process and it cheapens and lowers the perception of our craft.

When creating your custom design, we follow a creative process that delivers a truly effective, integrated and unique product.  We give every element considerable thought before making any hard decisions, because each one is sending a message to the viewer, from colors to typography to symbols.



During this phase we meet with the client for a brief overview and gather as much information as possible.  This includes the vision, ideas, applicable historical background, goals and objectives, materials on hand, marketing techniques, time frame, budget, requirements, products or services, specific features, and anything else that the client deems important for their website.

We also provide a questionnaire to gather some basic information and provide an estimated price. This gives us some fundamental information needed to begin the project, with an emphasis on the “need to know” over the “nice to have” information.